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One of the best examples of guerilla advertising. This is promoting for the movie 'Thor' which makes it look as if thor has thrown his hammer through a bus shelter from one side to the other. Personally I find this more effective then if they had used the. Zap Dutch poster design by Frans Mettes Sometimes Outdoor advertisement indulges, amuse and bring smile datnig the lips if it is witty. This sort of advertisements gives their notice on a busy street. SIMPLE 30 Advertisement Design Tips That Turn Heads: Brilliant Case Studies — Design School.

The Outdoor Advert titled SMELL TREE was done by J. Walter Thompson Frankfurt advertising xating for product: Alexandra de Markoff 'Non-Conformist Lip Colors' Lipstick Ad. WWf deforestation elephant foot Ads "Forest for life". Adeevee - Kraft Peanut Butter with Honey: Very funny ads Land Rover print Ad for the Hard Rock Haha! This Whiskas Predator Campaign Appeals to Home-Bound Hunters. Explore Ads Creative, Creative Advertising, and more! Ads Creative Creative Advertising Creative Posters Hiv Aids Funny Ads Advertising Campaign Helsinki Nouveau Monde Foundation Forward.

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