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This email contact address is not an "Ask the Firearms Expert" service. Such emails will be ignored. If you have a firearm related question, please register and post it on the forums. Contact Us - for real. Bolt, Lever, and Pump Action Lapua vs. User Name Remember Me? February 2, I've heard that the Lapua is the shizz to have for those long shots during the "latter days", post-apocalyptic world.

I currently have a Rem 7mm rem mag riflethinking when I bought itthat it would be the most affordable solution for datinf shooting. I'm interested in the opinions of the experts here. Also, should I look at the "ACOG" scope? Some other reason I haven't thought of? There would be a rifle behind each blade of grass. What is "long range" in your neighborhood?

The only Trijicon that I would think suitable for target shooting is the Accupoint X and there are a lot of other choices. Are you a proficient handloader or have a large ammunition budget? Jim Watson View Public Profile Find Datibg Posts by Jim Watson. If you are lapia reloading. If you do reload. It will be more affordable across the board reloading or not.

Lpua GOOD 7mm with Sierra, Berger, or A-Max blahde bullets will do very well at yards. I would not consider the cost, weight, and kick of a Lap until yards. I think blande dating lapua mag is the more practical option for yards in nearly every aspect. Are you saying 9mm ammo is not plentiful or that it is plentiful?

I would think that 9mm would be easier to find than. ACOGs belong on general purpose semi auto rifles such as an AR. Long range precision rifles need a different style of glass. I want a Lapua myself, but most rifles they are blande dating lapua in are very expensive, and the ammo or blande dating lapua are expensive. The Savage rifle can't remember the model in. Ben Towe View Public Profile Find More Posts by Ben Towe.

Forget about that crap. Men have been predicting the end of time since the beginning of time and they've all been wrong. The more salient piece of your question is your reloading experience. The Lapua is a not a round for the casual loader. The 7mmRM will handle your needs. GeauxTide View Public Profile Find More Posts by GeauxTide. February 3, Is this even a serious post??????? If you are actually keen on shooting based on you knowledge, I'd go for a in a heavy barrel AR15 or bolt action, with a x40 scope or there abouts.

I get your point. Partially, the Gun Store is a like Toys R Us for me. I don't want to just waste money for very little gain. I will look into your suggestion about the Huskemaw scope. Thanks for all the suggestions. I shot it a few helsinki maksulliset naiset pirkanmaa times and then decided my. Reynolds brings up a really good point, that the rifle for the Lapua will have to be accurate enough to make the cartridge shine.

For the cost of all this, I would shy away from the Lapua. Since your other choice is 7 blande dating lapua Mag, that sort of narrows it down. In fact, if a Lapua was inexpensive, I wouldn't have even asked the question. I would have just bought one and checked it out. I get the point dtaing the gun sitting in the closet. I fire it more now Well, it is a serious question.

I thank those who gave me good answers. It has been answered. Blande dating lapua live in an Apt Complex with a lot of Soldiers from Ft. Carson who've been deployed to Afghanistan and Iraq. Some have talked about theand I was interested in other opinions. Not a Wolverine, not a troll, and clearly not a member of the club.

Have a nice life. The 7mm Rem Mag is a great long range cartridge, blande dating lapua would be a much more reasonable choice than the LM. I've got a Lapua Mag, but it's heavy, and ammo is not cheap even reloading components set you back over a dollar a shot. But the problem is, most folks somehow think that just owning the rifle and a cool "ooh-ahh" scope is all they need. We continue to be amazed at our long range clinics and even our long range shooting matches just how ignorant many folks are of the fundamentals of hitting long range targets.

We see lots of deflated egos, no kidding Without proper training, it's next to impossible to make a shot even at yards--let alone yards. The only way to learn is to blande dating lapua someone to teach you. The equipment is really the easy part. The cartridge choice is not even so important there are many good choices We recently held a long range match where a fellow scored 65 points out of a possible points on plates ranging from yards to yards Optimal Charge Weight handload consulting.

Dan Newberry View Public Profile Visit Dan Newberry's homepage! Lapuaa More Posts by Dan Newberry. And the mention of using an ACOG on a Lapua for yards is another. At first thought it would lappua you were BSing or very new too shooting. Did you do any distance shooting with your ARs? As in, yards? If not, I would recommend something that is not going to punish your shoulder or your bank account whilst you learn't to shoot at blande dating lapua kind or ranges, before you look into laoua like a Lapua, or even a 7mm Rem Mag.

February 4, blanre, I'm happy with my Browning 7mmWSM with it's 4.

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