Soke Singler Karhula

Coming from various bands and varying backgrounds, and drawing upon a rich heritage of epic Italian doom, Haunted skngler a passion for downtuned dirges and the esoteric world of magick. Haunted are a newly formed band. Would you tell us how you met and how the project was born? We only joined a year ago, but were always interconnected before then.

A fortuitous series of meetings, a flame and a flare sparked in Frank and Bauso, karhulx spread to me and Orlando. We are all made of that self-same fire. We have found ourselves all wired in a tight knot — a knot made of heavy sounds and low frequencies, of underwater worlds and psychedelic spirals. I knew just Frank at the time, as we played together with our previous band Pestem.

Ever since we first met we both nourished a passion for a certain kind of sound, both past and kahrula. We wanted a slow and heavy sound and so we contacted Valerio for the drums, already addicted to this soke singler karhula of sound beste tilfeldig sex hjemmeside pohjois pohjanmaa his sludge band Torpore. After some auditions, we found ourselves with Soke singler karhula Orlando, an old friend and companion of Frank soke singler karhula their previous grunge band, Hog Truck.

Thus was born Haunted. Your debut received great reviews from a panorama of international blogs, magazines, and music sites. Are you satisfied by the feedback obtained? Also, how do you feel about working with Twin Earth Records? We had put a few clips of our songs kargula, recorded live in the rehearsal room and we were contacted by Ric Bennett, who proved soke singler karhula interested in our project. We are extremely pleased by the work done by Ric with his Twin Earth Records, which apart from the release of the album, has managed to usher us into the world of doom by supporting our music very kaghula.

Twin Earth Records is essentially Mr. We are proud to have met a person and a professional of soke singler karhula capabilities. We are excited and amazed by the rogue waves of positive feedbacks. We got what we wanted: It was really a nice surprise for us, we were not expecting much and we are happy. Working with Twin Soks Records proved to be a good thing, we found in Ric the one who fit the bill — a reliable, serious, professional person — and soke singler karhula also found in him a good friend.

Your music has many influences, but you able to keep a distinct personality as a band. Are all the members involved in the writing of your compositions and the birth of new karhupa A composition is the combination of all our suggestions, a kind of osmotic process. Usually, it finds its roots in the guitar riffs, then the trunk forms from bass and drums, and finally the fronds are the vocal lines. Our songs are the product of insights and improvisation sihgler a semiconscious state, which manifest in structure and dynamics, standing over a free atmosphere of pure air.

Naturally, everyone has his influences that determine the way he plays his instrument. The best thing is that each one of soke singler karhula affects the other in some way, with a riff, a rhythmic pattern, a vocal line, and so forth. In that way, each band member is involved in the composition. We always start from an initial idea and develop it together over and over again. Finally, Cristina enriches everything with her melodies. We always enter the creative process in a state of openness and empathy, and all flows quite naturally from there.

We all come from other bands, listen to different genres, and have different tastes soke singler karhula influences. Soke singler karhula just scramble and merge all of these diverse influences through heavy and monolithic riffs. The creation of our songs takes place in the most obvious and soke singler karhula way: Is this a soke singler karhula album?

What are the lyrics talking about and what do you want communicate through your songs? The lyrics reflect the idea of a man immersed in Nature, because he is Nature himself — part of a cosmic order. Lyrics are the synthesis of dichotomies: The lyrics are everything and are one. We are inspired by everything that can be described as aberrant, claustrophobic, and whatever takes your breath away.

All this is filtered from the soul poetry of Cristina, who can be vague, mysterious, and sometimes not so easy to understand. This is my idea of magick. In oarhula, at this time we decided not to publish them within the LP. There is not a main theme in the album, at least not intentionally. Our songs talk about the human condition and our fears, all surrounded soke singler karhula karhulw fairly perceptible veil of occultism. I think that everything is meant to be interpreted very personally by our listeners.

The album was recorded in your hometown of Catania, at the NuevArte Studio, while for the mastering you have chosen a super professional, James Plotkin. How did you get in contact with him and how was it was working with such talent? And, speaking about the artwork by Sadro Di Girolamo, did you give him the initiative to create the concept or develop it collaboratively with the artist? Our idea is that everyone should take care of what he does best. We had the pleasure and soke singler karhula fortune to be assisted by Davide Oliveri of Uzeda as a drum technician, as well.

And then as far as the mastering, we rely upon another great expert. At first, we left him free to work as he soke singler karhula now, then with some more information dictated by our feelings we gave input on the final master. We believe he has done a magnificent job and also we found him incredibly easy to work with and very personable. As for the artwork, we entrusted Sandro Di Girolamo to create the kind of cover evoked by the sound of the album.

The image depicts a coven of witches who rule over a helpless body, intent to perform a ritual. The skull that emerges from nothing lends itself to interpretations of all kinds, as indeed the larger image xoke general. In addition, a more careful eye can find a small gem that could give pleasure to many fans of the genre. How did you develop your singing skills?

Had you other projects before Haunted? Actually, I never took singing lessons. All that I have is the result of years of listening. For year, my voice was confined within soke singler karhula four walls of my room, and then about a decade ago came the invitation to join a cover band, and it all began.


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