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The Life and Military: Actions of His Royal Highness Prince Engene of Savoy. A Description of the City of Vienna. The Duke of Lorrains prophetick Saying if Prince. The Battle www fling com login salo Herfan in Hungary Page. France makes great Offers but to no purpose to bring. Princ liugEN es surprising manner of seizing Mareschal. The Battle of Schellenberg 1. Endearbouts to relieve the Duke of Savoy and is slightly.

The Battle of Turin. Ihe Battle of Audenard. He manages a Negotiation for a Peace ivith France. He besieges Wqw but the Siege is raised his Army. Prince Euoene invested with the chief Command if. The French Kings threatning Letter to the Duke of Savoy. Actions of His Royal Highness Prince Engene of Savoy F. Prince Eugene goes to Italy 1 z.

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