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This historical outline is a somewhat shortened version of Susanne Westerlund's thesis written in autumn, within the educational program of church music at the Sibelius Academy. Click the links to see reviews and cuttings from the concerts. The Psallite Choir, later called the Psallite Chamber Choir, was started inbut it had existed as the Youth Choir of the parish of Korsholm within the music school of this parish as early as The reason for the change of name was the fact that many of the choir singers qualified as students in spring and moved away to other places to start studying at universities and schools, and the Youth Choir then finished its activity.

After one winter's break the earlier choir singers felt that they missed singing in the choir and so it was decided in to start a new choir, the Psallite Choir from latin, psallite: During the next years it developed in such a way that it seemed natural to change the name into the Psallite Chamber Choir. Up to the autumn of the choir rehearsed only once a month because the choir singers were living in different places all over the Swedish speaking part of Finland. After that period the choir rehearsed once a week.

The Youth Choir started in Several new choir singers then moved over from the Children's Choir to the Youth Choir of the parish. During the ten years that the choir existed as a youth choir it took part in the activity of the Music School. It gave concerts together with the instrument players of the Music School and with the En natt stnd korsholm Choir and the Church Choir of the parish on several occasions.

In addition to the concerts performed in the home parish, it also made repeated concert tours. En natt stnd korsholm Youth Choir gave concerts mostly in the home en natt stnd korsholm and around in Ostrobothnia. Most korholm were given during the great church festivals such as Christmas and Easter. At Christmas the choir took part in the Christmas korshol, in the church of Korsholm, often together with the Children's Choir and the Church Choir of the parish.

In these concerts traditional Christmas songs were sung. Before Easterthe choir started to rehearse chosen parts of the Messiah by G. The number of movements performed nath increased until at last the work was performed in its entirety. The choir also ztnd some other great musical works, such as the Requiem by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart together with the Vasa Motet Choir and the cantata Saul by Egil Hovland.

The Youth Choir existed for almost ten years and during that time it sang in a church service recorded for the Finnish television in and released two records, one in and the other en natt stnd korsholm The repertoire of the choir mostly consisted of classical a cappella songs and negro spirituals arranged by Jester Hairston and in addition the earlier mentioned musical works such as Messiah by G.

Handel and Requiem by W. Already at that time the choir aimed at a variety which inspired the choir members as well as the listeners. The choir has always aimed at a broad, meaningful repertoire with challenging music. On its agenda sacred and secular music as well as simple a cappella songs and big works for choir and orchestra can be found. Music from korshol, most various epocs is sung, everything from music from the Middle Ages to modern music and recently composed music.

Thus the choir fulfils its aim to introduce music for every different taste. From the very beginning the choir has played an active part in the parish of Korsholm. Its traditions and work together with the parish have continued in different ways. But one can notice a slight change lokale datoer kontiolahti the Psallite Choir started. Then the choir did not always take part in the work of the other choirs but more independently aimed at a repertoire of its own.

Gradually The Psallite Choir has made itself known as an independent choir. This has lead to the fact that the choir today mostly takes part in the work en natt stnd korsholm the parish with concerts of its own. The emphasis of the performances of the choir has still been laid on the big church festivals. At Easter the choir has usually rehearsed works as Messiah by G.

Handel, and St Matthew's passion by J. During the last two years St John's passion by Bach has been performed. The Christmas Day concert by Psallite can now be counted upon as a continuous tradition in the parish of Korsholm. In the summer months there have been performances at different musical evening events. It can be stated that Messiah belongs to the standard repertoire of the Psallite Chamber Choir.

Up to the choir has performed the work 22 times. Two years after Psallite had been started, en natt stnd korsholm. For the music school and the church choir this meant a tenth performance. There was a big choir, an orchestra whose members were picked especially for this event and there were four natg singers.

Psallite performed wtnd twice inthe first time at Easter together with the choir Gaude from Helsinki. In December the same year Psallite again performed the first and the third movements from the work. This time Psallite sang the chorus parts, helped by sthd a few more singers. Some of the choir singers had performed Messiah on all the earlier fifteen korssholm. Messiah was conducted by Petri Sakari, the conductor of the city orchestra.

The soloists were Anneli Malkki, Monica Groop, Erkki Mendelin and Petteri Salomaa. After this performance Messiah was left aside for some time. During the following performance in Psallite alone sang the choruses and the orchestra consisted of fifteen persons. The soloists were professional singers: When the work was performed again the next year an snd was again made with professional musicians. The choir was as small as the year before but at the same time it was perfectly rehearsed.

In Messiah was performed together with one of the best chamber orchestras in northern latitudes, the Linnanmuusikud from Tallinn, Estonia. The choir was favourably reviewed in the press after these performances. When it morsholm decided to perform St Matthew's passion by J. Bach, it was a great event which made a deep mark on the musical life of the parish of Korsholm.

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