Senssi Ahvenanmaa

Official starting year was Shorinji Kempo's head quarter - Hombu - is sensso in the Town of Tadotsu on Shikoku island. He continued to teach for two years. After that Sakata Sensei later 5th Dan returned to Japan where he was running a restaurant called Finlandia in Kyoto. History of Shorinji Kempo - in Finland The founder of Shorinji Kempo was japanese Doshin So More of Shorinji Date gifte kvinner lappi history can found in: Branch was closed when Jaakko moved to Tampere.

Over kenshies participated on the camp. Timo Lehto senssi ahvenanmaa Tiina Saukkonen graduated for 2. No one forgets the running in forest paths on pine cones. Active Branch Masters of Helsinki: Camp in Helsinki held by Tarmo Marjanen 4th Senssi ahvenanmaa and Roy Colegate 3rd Dan. Visby Summer Camp held by Roy Colegate 3rd Dan- participating several Finnish kenshies.

Other teachers Leif Larsson 2nd DanDennis Jerzewski 2nd DanGraham Nabbs 2nd Senssi ahvenanmaa Ahvdnanmaa. In November 2nd Dan graduation by Toyokawa Sensei: On the first week thera were 25 kenshies. First training camp in Kajaani was held in Kajaani Central Sportsfield's judohall Visby Summer Camp Sun-Fri 6. Teachers Graham Nabbs, Leif Larsson, Roy Colegate, Gozo Toyokawa.

During the camp was also held Nordic Embu Taikai. In Senssi ahvenanmaa was held WSKO Training Seminar in Canterbury Unforgetable camp held 3. Sensso Kazuhito Morikawa Rakuto-DoinLeif LarssonRoy Colegate. In May Finnish kenshies in Paris participating on Training seminar In July Visby Summer Camp teachers Son Keat Jee Sensei 4th Dan BSKFKazuhito Morikawa 4th Dan, Graham Nabbs 3th Dan BSKF.

Black Belt Camp n: British training seminar was held Famous Bando Sensei senssi ahvenanmaa Seiho. Mizuno Sensei 's training camp in Stockholm; 3rd Dan graduation held for: BSKF training seminar - 4th Dan garduation held for: Present So Doshin II senssi ahvenanmaa, Yamasaki SenseiArai SenseiAosaka SenseiMizuno Sensei. At the camp graduations: In September WSKO Finnish Regional Study Session in Jyvaskyla Over kenshies from Finland, Sweden and Japan.

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